Social Media Campaign for Civis

Say hello to inclusive policy design

For Civis, a non-profit bridging the gap between citizens and the government, we conceptualised and designed a social media campaign that aligns with the platform’s aim to increase citizen participation in matters of civic importance. Civis partnered with Paper Planes’ digital magazine to spread the word about their work and seek feedback on certain draft policies.

Our work comprised of creatively introducing a new set of readers to Civis and its efforts in breaking down existing government policies for the masses. These illustration-led posts — concerning topics like policymaking in democracy and the ban on single-use plastic — were calls to action, encouraging citizens to send in their feedback on current policy decisions using Civis’ platform and play their part in affecting real, tangible change.

To introduce Civis’ work to Paper Planes’ audience, we worked on this post. It explained that citizens’ opinions matter in India’s policymaking and that the Pre-Legislative Consultation Policy ensures that we can all contribute to the lawmaking process, which in turn makes policy design much more inclusive.

In 2021, the government was seeking feedback on the Amendments to Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016. Civis helped by breaking down the amendments for citizens to understand and share their feedback with the government.

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