A Relook at WorthWhile Future Foundation

Aligning the brand’s visual identity with its goals

For a brand hitting refresh on its content and communications, we were tasked with expanding the visual identity of the brand, while retaining its logo form. The Paper Planes Agency worked to research and redefine WorthWhile’s visual identity via a cohesive colour palette, typography and iconography. The new identity was designed to effectively communicate the organisation’s identity as a resource platform, a network between industry experts and retail investors, and a champion of sustainable development.

Prior to the launch of How About Now, its new independent magazine, the brand refreshed its look to also align with the magazine’s visual identity.

The expanded brand identity included typography and colours that were strong, recognisable in the world of finance and climate action, and resonated with a young audience.

The identity was used for communication about the brand’s new magazine.

While topics may be serious, the colours chosen to communicate them were designed to convey feelings of hope and credibility — crucial, given the brand’s interest in raising awareness about responsible investing.

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