A Kit for a Women’s Premier League Team

Fired up for women’s cricket!

In the lead up to the second season of the monumental Women’s Premier League (WPL), Capri Global wanted a fresh approach for their team’s kit design. Capri Global are the owners of the UP Warriorz, one of the five teams that comprise the WPL, a gamechanger for women’s cricket around the world.

Our research for the concept and creative direction for the kit delved into women’s issues across India, and particularly Uttar Pradesh. Women have always had to fight against traditional notions of what a woman should be and what they should do. Today, this battle for women’s rights continues — in households, in workplaces, and on the field. Sportswomen, and cricketers in particular, are only just beginning to see glory in the manner their male counterparts have for decades. Our creative direction celebrated this turning point for cricket, and was a chance to inspire cricket fans and a new generation.

Our research found examples of what we already knew. Historically, women have been regarded as weaker and delicate. In the early fight for women’s rights, they had to choose between being fierce or embracing their femininity. One crucial example came in the form of a slogan that we’ve commonly heard: Hum Bharat ki nari hain, phool nahi chingari hain. But today, years later, there isn’t any need to choose — women can be both. They can be fiery and feminine, graceful and assertive, phool aur chingari. Uttar Pradesh itself also offered a lot of inspiration to draw from. For instance, its state flower, the flame of the forest or palash (Butea monosperma), became an apt metaphor for ‘phool aur chingari hain’. This creative direction became the backbone for the team’s on-field kit design, which was covered in several publications, including Female Cricket.

For the team’s off-field kit — that they would wear at press events or while travelling — Uttar Pradesh’s rich craft heritage provided many design cues. Several options and iterations later, Capri Global chose a pattern that took its design inspiration from the hand-crafted kilim rugs made in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh. The proposed colour variations used the brand’s colour palette while also communicating the creative direction.

The final pattern used in the team’s off-field kit was rendered independently by the client, albeit using the shape and form designed by The Paper Planes Agency. Scroll on to see our proposed design, illustrated for reference purposes only.

The primary motif takes cues from the kilim rugs of Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh.

The creative direction was intended to inspire young women and cricketers that looked up to the team’s players and supported them.

The motif was designed for the off-field kit — they could be comfortable while still representing their team loud and clear.

The motif could be used in a subtle or bold manner on clothes that would be worn even beyond the WPL season.