A Digital Magazine for 1 Finance

Keeping it personal

For 1 Finance, a fintech organisation in the space of personal finance advisory and rooted in behavioural science and human psychology, we conceptualised and produced a digital magazine to offer insightful and relatable stories for its early adopters. Updated monthly, the magazine was developed keeping in mind a distinct editorial and visual strategy. The work involved writing, editing, and commissioning timely, relevant stories that were at the intersection of finance and culture, as well as making illustrations and licensing photographs in line with the visual direction. Through interviews, personal essays, topical features, brief explainers and more, the magazine captured real-world perspectives of people’s relationships with money in line with the brand’s own offerings.

The 1 Finance Magazine, updated monthly, featured an array of topics that were relevant to the world of personal finance.

Many stories reflected the brand’s key offering: financial advice from qualified advisors.

One of the sections in the magazine — Ask a Qualified Financial Advisor — let readers write in with their questions.

Editorial photography and illustration helped establish a distinct voice for the digital magazine.

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